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Jl/LaMa/wM l <: €ctnmim€lu c €olleae 

tfixteemwi Annual 
3ioncAA ^cnwicafam 4983 

-'JJiui day, Mf+ ■ l/n/ft day of? flume 
■ I ineteen Wundud and fiiyA /u . J j/t >?? 

friuderU ^verdek 

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Mistress of Ceremonies Eileen O'Keefe 

President, Student Senate 

Welcome Donald L. Zekan 

Acting President 
Massasoit Community College 

in'e 399 ho Antonq Students 3n American Humor (Eollegeg 


Maureen Searle-Spratt 

Chairperson of Selection Committee 


Robert Mederios 
Student Senator 

Christine Canavan 
Gay Farrell 
Liam Floyd 
Joyce Hillcoat 

Barbara Lehman 
Dorothea Lewis 
Eileen O'Keefe 
Kathleen Plumb 

Jeffrey F. Sheehan 
Cecilia Shine 
Nancy S. Smith 
Sharon Waldron 

Alpha $n (Dmega ^Honor J^ocietg ftihmrd 


. Dr.CarlF. Kowalski 
Dean of Academic Affairs 


. Doreen Allen 
Student Senator 

Lorraine E. Allen 
Lori A. Baldwin 
Linda B. Bolles 
Diane P. Coe 
Barbara Devine 
Kevin P. Dolphyn 
Carolyn T. Dumas 
Jeannine R. Dunne 
Janet A. Durkin 
John J. Fafard 

Jean Finnegan 
Andre I. Forment 
Donald J. Greeley 
Julie A. Harding 
Thomas Hinckley 
Karen Ingalls 
Jacqueline McCann 
Diane M. Miano 
Kelli A. Morehouse 

Amy Reese 
Lana E. Robbins 
Joseph E. Rudy 
Jeffrey F. Sheehan 
Janet Sullivan 
G. Marie Terrizzi 
Lorraine Vitello 
Sandra J. Volpe 
Barbara S. Werkowski 
Robin A. Yerkes 

•Hnfoarri 3J. Schtoendler JRctnorial Scholarship Afoard 

Presenting for Faculty Association Professor John P. Joseph 


Leslie Callan 

Sebbi? |3iucoliui ^Barcmt ifRcmnrial Scholarship JVtuarH 

Presenting for Faculty Association Professor Catherine Boudreau 

Department Chairperson, Secretarial Sciences 


Louise Duffy 
Mary Lee Holbrook 



(Ehe JUtrusa Club nf |llyntcutth (Cnuntti 
^Health (ttarec-r Scholarship ^Attiard 


Shirley Barer 

President, Altrusa Club of Plymouth County 

\ Assisting 


Steve Albert 
DCE Senator 


Donna-Marie Auditore 
Kimberly Lightford 

{The Bantd 3) cm jLuuisnn Sfnundatinn 3nc, Scholarship JVtuarrls 

Presenting Louis R. Columbo 

Chairman, Scholarship Selection Committee 

Assisting Joseph Rudy 

Student Senator 


Stonehill College Massasoit Community College Brockton High School 

Julie A. Cardoza Jeffrey F. Sheehan Michael J. Ridge 

Patricia Neary 

A.AJLJz, JVlcnhoI Atnarcncss Community E ducat inn 

Scholarship A hi arc! 5 

Presenting James M. McGill 

President, B.A.CO.A. 

Assisting (Evening Division) Estelle R. Adler 

Outreach Coordinator 

Assisting (Day Division) Dean John R. Otis, Jr. 

Advisor, Massasoit Alcohol Awareness Center 
Assistant Dean of Student Services 


Evening Division 
David G. Conway Deborah Delsie Nancy T. Joseph 

Mary C. Delaney Jean M. Reynolds 

Day Division 
Susan J. Munro 
Nancy L. Price 

Outstanding Senator Atuard 

Presenting Joyce Hillcoat 

DCE Senator 


Eileen O'Keefe, President, Student Senate 

iHassasott (ttnmmimiit) (flolbge (Sreen J&w jloctety 


. . . . Dean John R. Otis, Jr. 

Chairperson of Green Key Society 

1968 Green Key Recipient 

Assisting . 

Cynthia J. Arabasz 

Patricia Desmond 
Todd W. Grimes 
Jason S. Hibbard 
Joyce B. Hillcoat 

^Indent jHtntbers 

Elena I. Monteiro 
Kathleen Plumb 
Lana E. Robbins 

Honorary Recipient 

O. Patricia Manfredi 

Cecilia Shine 
Jeong Suk Son 
Giovanna R. Veitch 
Sharon Waldron 

The Student Government Association 

The Honors Convocation Committee 
wishes to Congratulate ail the Recipients 

and our Special Thanks to all those 
involved in making this ceremony possible. 


We hope that you will enjoy our buffet! 
Join us in a toast to the Awards Recipients.